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         Mr. Dinesh Thakali


    Dear Stakeholders,

    I am honored and privileged to address you today as the newly appointed CEO of KSBBL. As I step into this role, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the trust and confidence you have placed in me. I am truly excited to embark on this journey alongside each and every one of you.

    First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest appreciation to our customers. You are at the heart of everything we do, and your loyalty and support have been instrumental in our success thus far. I assure you that my commitment to delivering exceptional products and services remains unwavering. Your satisfaction will continue to be our top priority, and we will strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction. We are here to listen, learn, and continuously improve, ensuring that your needs are not only met but surpassed.

    To our esteemed shareholders, thank you for your unwavering belief in our company's vision and potential. Your investments have been critical in fueling our growth and enabling us to innovate. Rest assured, I am fully dedicated to driving long-term value for our shareholders. Together, we will navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and ensure that our financial performance remains strong and sustainable. I am committed to transparency, open communication, and providing you with a clear understanding of our strategic direction

    Last but certainly not least, I extend my warmest gratitude to our incredible employees—the heart and soul of our organization. Your hard work, dedication, and passion are what make this company truly extraordinary. As we move forward, I pledge my commitment to cultivating a workplace culture that fosters creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. Together, we will build a supportive and inclusive environment where each team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. Your expertise and insights are invaluable, and I encourage you to continue pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and embracing innovation.

    While I recognize that we face an ever-evolving business landscape, I am confident that our shared values and collective efforts will guide us through any obstacles we encounter. Upholding our core values is paramount to our success:

    • Pursuit of Excellence: We are committed to surpassing expectations and setting new standards of excellence.
    • Customer Focus: Our customers remain at the center of our focus, and we strive to exceed their expectations.
    • Corporate Governance: We uphold the highest standards of governance, transparency, and accountability.
    • Collaboration: We foster a culture of collaboration, harnessing the power of diverse perspectives and expertise.
    • Business Ethics: Integrity is the foundation of our organization, and we conduct business with honesty and fairness.
    • Innovation: We embrace innovation and explore new ideas and technologies to meet evolving needs.
    • Strategic Orientation: Our decisions are guided by a clear strategic vision, driving sustainable growth and value creation.
    • Professionalism: We maintain the highest standards of professionalism, respect, and integrity.

    Together, we will seize opportunities for growth, adapt to changing market dynamics, and drive our company to new heights of success. I am excited to collaborate with all of you, to learn from your perspectives, and to chart a path that ensures a bright future for our organization.

    We will embrace the boons of Technology in each of areas of service excellence, operational excellence, and business processes. In the coming days, I will be reaching out to each of you individually to gain a deeper understanding of your aspirations, concerns, and ideas. I believe that true success lies in our ability to work together as a unified team. Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude to all our stakeholders for their unwavering support and trust. I am humbled to lead this incredible organization, and I look forward to our collective achievements in the years ahead.