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    • Foreign Employment Saving Account, is a product especially designed in line with the recent 6th Amendment in Dhitopatra Niskasan Tatha Baadfaad Directives, 2079 (dated 2079-07-17) issued by Securities Board of Nepal, which states that all public organizations should reserve 10% of its total Initial Public Offering (IPO) to Nepalese citizens.Before issuing IPO for the general public, reserved quota of IPO for Nepalese citizen having foreign employment is issued initially


    • Minimum balance: NPR 100
    • Debit Card Charge: Free for the first year
    • Internet Banking Charge: Free for the first year
    • Mobile Banking Charge: Free for the first year
    • Interest Calculation:  Interest Calculation on daily basis and payable quarterly 

    Required Documents

    ·         Recent passport size Photo

    ·         Valid passport with Visa

    ·         Work Permit

    ·         Employee ID Card (It shall be optional)

    ·         Remittance Voucher (If it can be tracked and ensured from account statement, then it shall be optional)

    ·         Any other valid ID documents (It shall be optional)