DSL Rickshaws Loan


  • To meet capital requirement to purchase Auto Rickshaw/ Electronic Rickshaw operating for self-employment.

Term Loan (TL:

  • In case of collateral i.e. land/ land & building available not being available: up to 70% of tax invoice value of financing Rickshaw.
  • In case of additional collateral i.e. land/ land & building available: 90% of tax invoice value of financing Rickshaw. 
  • Concession of interest by 1% may be provided to Dalit, Mukta Kamaiya, Haliya, Badi, single women, differently abled people, conflict victim, earthquake victims, senior citizen, low cast and marginalized people than published rate.

  • Copy of Citizenship certificate of borrower/guarantor(s).
  • Properly filled loan application form as prescribed by Bank.
  • Security documents such as credit facility offer letter, promissory note, loan deed, personal guarantee, and hire purchase agreement as prescribed by Bank.
  • Registration charge on Rickshaw financed under this product.
  • Comprehensive Insurance policy in favor of Bank.
  • Corporate and Buyback agreement of Supplier/Dealer as far as practicable in case of additional securities in form of land and building.
  • Copy of Land Ownership Registration Certificate (Lalpurja) Land Revenue paid receipt, four boundary certificate, blue print and trace map.
  • Registration mortgage of additional security in form of land and building.