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    Recurring Deposit is a flexi Deposit account that provides an attractive interest rate whereby which the customer who have maintained the saving account can arrange the periodic savings and accumulate them into a single Recurring Deposit Scheme.


     ·        Minimum Balance: Minimum of NPR 500/- or in the multiple of NPR 500/- per month

    ·          Interest Accrual Basis : On daily basis

    ·          Interest Payment Frequency : Quarterly

    ·         Interest Rate: As per Published rate by the Bank from time to time

    ·         Charges: In case account holder is not able to deposit monthly funds, no any fines/charge is charged.

    ·        Tenure: Minimum 6 Month 

     Eligibility : All individuals ( Account can be opened by minor and jointly) having saving account maintained with Bank. 

    Required Documents