KSBBL Visa Debit Card

Features of KSBBL Visa Debit Card

  • Convenience of contactless payments
  • KSBBL VISA Debit Card can be used in any of the ATMs and POS machines displaying VISA Logo throughout Nepal and India.
  • Can be used in ATMs for Cash withdrawal, Balance Enquiry and Mini-Statement of Accounts
  • Can be used in POS terminals for purchase of goods & services from various merchants like departmental stores, hospitals, retail shops and so on.
  • Association with the international brand “VISA Inc.”
  • EMV compliant Chip-based card for secured transaction.
  • 5-years Validity


Eligibility to avail KSBBL Visa Debit Card

  • KSBBL VISA Debit Card shall be available to the individual customer who has maintained local currency account with the Bank. The accounts can be as follows:
  • Saving Accounts
  • Current Accounts
  • Joint Accounts in which operation mode is "Any One Signature" upon request signed by all the account holders.
  • Accounts of Sole Proprietorship Firm in the name of proprietor upon request.
Fees and Charges
Issuance fee First year Issuance Free

Issuance fee NPR 1400/- (One time payment in 2nd year)


Customers can pay in 4 installments (NPR 350/- per year starting from 2nd year)

Validity of card shall be 5 years. 

Re-issuance (for lost cards/damaged) NPR 350/- (for one year)
Card Block Fee NPR 100/-
Card Unblock Fee NIL
Pin Re-generation NPR 100/-
Uncollected Cards and pins (if not collected within 6 months) NPR 250/-
Cards not returned at the time of account closure (if validity of card remaining) NPR 100/-
Wrong Claim Charge NPR 250/- per claim
Card link to overdraft Card Account NPR 750 /-
Card Link to another account of Same Customer other than initially issued Card NPR 100/-
Cash withdrawal from KSBBL ATM Nil
Balance Enquiry from KSBBL ATM Nil
Cash withdrawal from Other than KSBBL ATM*

NPR 15/- per transaction

For All ATM Terminals with in Nepal

Balance Enquiry from Other than KSBBL ATM

NPR 20/-

For All ATM Terminals with in Nepal

Cash withdrawal within VISA ATMs in India NPR 250/-
Balance Enquiry within VISA ATMs in India NPR 50/-


  • Transaction Limits:
ATM Card & POS Limit Within Nepal In India
Per Transaction Limit - ATM NPR 25,000.00 INR 10,000.00
Daily Transaction Limit - ATM NPR 100,000.00 INR 10,000.00
Monthly Transaction Limit - ATM NPR 400,000.00 INR 100,000.00
Daily Transaction Count Limit - ATM 10 10
Per Transaction Limit - POS NPR 100,000.00 INR 100,000.00
Daily Transaction Limit - POS NPR 300,000.00 INR 100,000.00
Monthly Transaction Limit - POS NPR 600,000.00 INR 100,000.00
Daily Transaction Count Limit - POS 10 10
Tap to Pay on POS Rs.2,000 per Transaction  


  • Security Awareness
  • Do’s
  • Please insert your Chip Card on Card Reader and leave the card until and less your transaction is completed.
  • Please read the instructions displayed in the ATM Screen carefully.
  • Please collect cash and card after it is instructed.
  • Always verify the cash before leaving the ATM booth.
  • Do keep the transaction receipt’s with you and verify them with your account statement regularly.
  • Please change your PIN number on regular basis.
  • Don’ts
  • Don't give your password or PIN Code to anyone.
  • Do not perform transactions in presence of others.
  • Do not leave ATM booth before your transaction is complete.
  • Please do not try to remove the card forcefully from the ATM. This may damage the chip on the Card as well as Card Reader.
  • Do not share your PIN number with others.
  • Do not give your card to any other person for any purpose.
  • Do not accept help from any person when using your card in the ATM. If you need any help, please call us at the numbers given below.