Non-Funded Credit Facilities

  • Trade Finance is a short term credit availed by a bank to their borrower for importing and exporting activities. It included various kinds of loans, advances, and facilities required for imports and export deals. The economics of these trade finance facilities depends on local currency (LCY) and foreign currency (FCY) interest rates.

Bank Guarantee

  • A Guarantee is an irrevocable promise made in writing by one person (guarantor or surety) to another party (the beneficiary) to answer for the debt or default of a third party. The commission will be charged for the full period of validity plus the period during which claims may be made at the time of the issue of the guarantee. We issue the below-mentioned guarantee as per the needs of the customers to execute their contracts and commitments.
  • Bid Bond Guarantee.
  • Performance Guarantee.
  • Advance Payment Guarantee.
  • Supplier Credit Guarantee.

Letter of Credit

  • A "Letter of Credit" is used as an instrument for settlement of payment arising out of commercial transactions like sales/purchases in national/international trade. We issue below mentioned LC as per the requirement of our customers.
  • Sight LC.
  • Usance LC.

  • Secure customers entering into bids, sales contracts, and tenders.
  • Fulfillment of contracts with counterparties, based on the guarantee terms.

  • Beneficiary and applicant’s guarantee requisition letter with BG Application form.
  • Company registration certificate, PAN/ VAT with latest tax payment receipt.
  • Citizenship
  • Copy of partnership deed in case of partnership firm.
  • AOA, MOA.
  • Board minute in case of Pvt. Ltd company.
  • Audited, Management prepared or provisional financial statement of last 2 years for the running company and projected financial statement for a new company for the next 5 years
    Valuation report.
  • Lalpurja/ blueprint/ tiro tireko rashid/ char killa/ wealth tax payment receipt from borrower
    NOC in case of collateral owned by a third party.
  • The stock report, receivables report, payable report & bank outstanding report in case of an existing firm

Letter of Credit

  • Proforma Invoice/Sales Contract containing at least Harmonic Code (eight digit no) of goods to be imported Country of origin.
  • Delivery & payment terms & various other details like rate, quantity, total value, country etc. BI.BI.NI. Form no 3 (Mandatory as per NRB) with LC Application form.
  • Company Registration certificate.
  • PAN/ VAT Certificate.
  • Board Minute (if applicable).
  • MOA/AOA.
  • Citizenship.
  • Latest TAX Clearance certificate.