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      • To finance working capital requirement/CAPEX requirement of business/firm.
      • For financing the small and cottage scale industries & Department of commerce.


      • Facility Type: Revolving or Term Loan
      • Limit: Minimum 25 lakhs above to Maximum 50 Lakhs
      • Tenure: Revolving (Overdraft) 1 years on renewal basis & for term loan up to 15 years.
      • LTV 80% of FMV of real state collateral.
      • Repayment: EMI or EQI as per the necessity.

      Required Documents

      • Loan Application
      • Audited and 3 years projected financial statement. ( For Term Loan- up to tenure financial is required
      • Copy of Firm/ PAN/ VAT Registration Certificate, Partnership Deed, Latest Tax Clearance Certificate.
      • MOA/ AOA (If Any.
      • Company’s Profile.
      • Board Resolution for opening A/C, Availing Loan, Delegation of Authority (If an).
      • Copy of citizenship and 1 copy of PP size photograph of all directors.
      • Project Proposal (If any).
      • Profile (Biodata) of the Directors/ Shareholders.
      • Documents related to fixed assets security (i.e. Lal Purja, Tiro Rashid etc).
      • Bank Statement.
      • Detail report of Stocks, Account Receivables, Account Payables, Goods in Transit, Sales, Purchase etc.
      • If Directors/ Shareholders are involved in other company details of the company.
      • List of major Suppliers/ Buyers.
      • Main products of the unit/ Firm/ Industry/ Company.