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    Key Features of KSBBL VISA Credit Card:

    • Cash withdrawals, convenient purchases at physical and online store are secure with EMV Debit Card (CHIP + PIN Based).
    • Easy 3D secure service registration in order to enjoy safer, highly-secure online purchases.
    • Validity up to 5years across Nepal and India.
    • Repayment options are Flexible.
    •  Avail products/services on easy EMI basis.
    •  All Your transactions are alerted through via email and SMS.

    KSBBL VISA Credit Card

    S. N


    Fee/ charge


    Joining fee

    NPR 1000 /-


    Issuance Fee

    NPR 1000 /-


    Credit Card Annual Fee

    NPR 1000 /-


    Replacement Fee

    NPR 1000 /-


    Pin Regeneration Fee

    NPR 250 /-


    Limit enhancement (Temporary/permanent)

    NPR 1000 /


    E Commerce Activation

    NPR 250 /-


    E Commerce Annual fee

    NPR 250 /-


    Interest rate (beyond payment date)

    2% per Month


    Transaction Fee



    Cash withdrawal from KSBBL ATM (10% credit limit)

    NPR 100+2% of withdrawal amount


    Cash withdrawal from other Bank' S ATM ( 10% credit limit )

    NPR 250+2%


    Balance inquiry (on us)



    Balance inquiry (off us)

    NPR 100/-


    Late payment fee

    NPR 500/-


    Over the Limit Fee

    NPR 500/-


    • With age of 21 years and above of any Nepalese citizen.
    • Monthly income must be of NPR 25,000 or above.
    • Certificate of Registration issued by Embassy, Foreign nationals having of passport.

    Procedures to Apply For Visa Domestic Credit Card

    • Find nearest branch to obtain “Credit Application Form “of Visa Domestic Credit Card.
    • Submit it to the branch at which your deposit/loan account is maintained or as per your convenience.
    • Collect your Card & pin code after certain days and have your card activated.
    • Now, You may now use your card in ATM/DOS terminals, where Visa card is accepted.


    • Copy of citizenship certificate of card applicant.
    • Recent passport size photo of card applicant.
    • Recent Employment Certi­ficate with Salary & Benefi­ts, Employer’s Reference / Recommendation.
    • Company registration certificates, PAN, latest tax clearance certificate and latest audited financial report for the self-employed businessman.
    • Telephone / Water / Electricity Payment Bill for Address verification document.

    Terms and conditions


    • ­ "Bank" refers to Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank and its successors and assigns, who is licensed to issue Credit Cards.
    •  "Card" refers to Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Credit Card.
    • "Cardholder" refers to an individual mentioned in card application form, to whom and for whose use, Card has been issued.
    •  "Card Account" refers to Credit Card Account maintained by the bank in the name of Cardholder, for the purpose of accounting all credit and debit transactions incurred by the Cardholder.


    • The Card is a property of the Bank at all times.
    • The Card is non-transferrable
    • The Bank reserves the rights to seize/cancel the Card so issued to any Cardholder, if the information submitted by such Cardholder is found to be false and/or the Card has been misused.


    • Use of the Card after notice of withdrawal of the privileges or the termination of the membership is fraudulent and may be subject to legal action by the Bank in accordance with the prevailing law.
    • Upon termination of membership or withdrawal of privileges of the Card for any reason whatsoever, the Card shall be returned to the Bank within 7 days from the date of receipt of notice. The Cardholder shall be liable for payment of the bills arising out of use of the Card till Card is not surrendered to the bank
    • It will be responsibility of the Cardholder to submit supporting documents pertaining to any purchase transactions done outside Nepal to the bank, as and when requested.
    •  Unless and until bank receive closure of facility, in written, annual charge shall be applicable regardless of status of card.


    • The Card and PIN issued to the Cardholder are entirely at the Cardholder's risk and responsibility. The Cardholder shall not disclose the PIN or permit possession of the Card to any other person. The Cardholder undertakes full responsibility for any transactions made by the use of the Card, whether or not made with his/her knowledge or authority.
    • The Cardholder agrees to inform the Bank in writing regarding lost/stolen, damage of Card and disclosure of PIN. The Cardholder will be held liable for all the transactions received prior to this noti­cation.


    • Any Merchant sales slip signed by the Cardholder shall be the conclusive proof of the charges recorded therein as incurred by the Cardholder himself / herself and will be charged by the Bank to the Cardholder.
    • The transaction log of ATM transactions shall be conclusive proof of the charges recorded therein as incurred by the Cardholder himself / herself. The verifi­cation of PIN con­firms the authenticity of the Cardholder and the transaction.
    • The Bank reserve the right to add/or amend these terms and condition Including fees and service charges without giving any prior notice, which shall be binding on the Cardholder and Bank will Intímate the same to Cardholder at its convenience.

    ­Payment &Fees

    The Cardholder undertakes to indemnify the Bank and to keep the Bank indemnified against all losses, damages, cost or expenses incurred and sustained by the Bank arising out of Cardholder's failure to observe any of the terms and conditions